Monday, 2 January 2017

A look back at our Christmas

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas. I'm that annoying person who starts getting excited in February. And I always kind of hoped that Monkey would love it just as much as me.

And now she does!

This is the first year she has really understood what is going on. She's been so excited and it's been really lovely to watch. She's been singing christmas songs, looking at all the decorations, being excited about Father Christmas and learning about the christmas story at church. Those last two have been getting a bit mixed up though leading to this very cute explaination of what christmas is all about.

"It's christmas soon. I'm very excited because it's baby Jesus' birthday. He was a very special baby. The sheep and some kings brought him presents. We get presents to 'member but the sheep don't know where all the children live so Father Christmas brings them."

It needs a bit of work but I think for two years old it's not a bad understanding of what's going on.

Monkey saw Father Christmas three times this christmas. He came to book club, popped into nursery with Marshall and we went to visit him at rock climbing. She was a little bit unsure at first but she did go and sit with him at all three which was much better than the screaming we had last year.

Father Christmas at Book Club

Three seems to be the number this year as we also had three christmas day type celebrations. We spent actual christmas day at home with Nana and Grandad, had a day with Granny and Grandad and also spent a day at Grandma's house.

Christmas Day part 1

Christmas Day part 2

Christmas Day part 3
Despite her coming home and telling me she was Mary, Monkey was still too young to take part in the nativity at nursery. She was determined to get involved and gave me a very detailed description of the costume she needed and even had a strop that she wanted to be a donkey instead but she is still two rooms away from their nativity. She did take part in a nativity at church on Christmas Eve though where she was a very beautiful angel. I was so proud of her.

My angel ready for her nativity
Monkey was very excited about Father Christmas coming this year and he didn't let her down. She was spoilt with lots and lots of lovely presents. Highlights were a Thomas scooter, doll's house and Mr Tumble's spotty bag but she loved eerything. It was lovely to see her so excited.

Father Christmas caught on camera
It's been a lovely few weeks but now it's back to reality. Back to work and nursery in the morning. Hope you've had a wonderful christmas.


  1. I love your little one, she looks amazing in that white dress. But it is better if we train them from early age that there is nothing called Santa. Just my opinion

  2. Your love and excitement for the Christmas is really fascinating and your little kid seems enjoying this also. Keep it up Allah bless you.