Sunday, 22 January 2017

Look in my Letterbox number 3 2017

It's time for our weekly look through the letterbox at the Monkey House. I may have got slightly carried away internet shopping lately so it's been a busy week.

Mummy's penpals
It was a quiet week for penpal letters but I did have three lovely letters from Kevin, Kerry and Elaine.

It was a Toucan Box week again this week. We've not had chance to make it yet but the theme of the box was fireworks. It seems a strange theme for this time of year but I'm sure Monkey will have lots of fun with it.

We also received our quarterly Nature Detectives pack from the Woodland Trust. I love these packs as they give us lots of ideas for things to do outside. We're looking forward to going on a twig hunt sometime next week and painting with pine cones sounds like a lot of fun.

I've done quite a lot of shopping over the last few weeks and a lot of it has arrived this week. I have a slight problem with writing paper - I'm addicted - and lots has arrived this week. Me and Monkey had a set each from Amazon.

I also bought this bumper bundle from a group on facebook. It's mainly for Monkey but I'll probably use some of it for myself.

We're a huge fan of instagram shops and one of our favourites is Yellow Bird Kids. They do gorgeous handmade skirts, dresses and bloomers. They've had a great winter sale on and we managed to get these three skirts for a fiver each.

I've also had a few books. I bought Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella for myself as part of my goal to read more this year. I didn't read anything about it other than who it was by so missed that it was actually classed as a YA book. It's been a very long time since I was a young anything but I decided to give it a try anyway and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I treated Monkey to North by Nick Dowson after seeing it at work. It tells the story of the winter migration but what made me want it was the illustrations. It's an absolutely beautiful book.

The third book to arrive was 101 Books to Read Before you Grow Up. The recommendations start at age 4 so a bit older than Monkey is but there are a few I think she'd enjoy and it will definitely be good for ideas as she gets older. She loves books at the moment and I want to encourage that as much as I can.

What's dropped through your letterbox this week?


  1. Nothing exciting through my letterbox 😐 Hopefully next week will be a little different as I want to order fabric!

  2. Hey this is really impressive work here mate. Thanks for posting it on your blog and sharing it with us all. Looking forward to more great stuff.