Monday, 8 June 2015

Mummy and Monkey's Monday missions

Mummy is scatty! Very scatty! She has lots of things she needs to get done. And she always means to do them. But then....

So she thought maybe if she put what she had to get done out there for the whole world to see, there was a chance that they might just, maybe, possibly get done.

Mummy's List

Continue to grow my blog - I've been blogging for just over a week now and I'm loving it. People seem to be reading it to which is a bonus! This week I want to make sure I blog every day and also do more with my facebook and twitter pages.

Sort out the baby clothes - I don't want to admit it but Monkey is growing up. She's still tiny so all the 0-3 month clothes I bought when pregnant still fit a year later. It's really time to sort out all the tiny baby and newborn stuff though. Some to charity, some on ebay.

Have a trial run of free from cupcakes - It's Monkey's first birthday party in two weeks. Luckily one of our fab friends is going to make a Monkey friendly birthday cake so she can still have a decent one. I'm going to attempt matching cupcakes.

Monkey's List

Get up to £175 with my fundraising - I'm taking part in free from feast to raise money for Allergy UK. They have really helped mummy to look after me. This is my just giving page.

Find a fab present for Father's day - My daddy is the bestest! And it's his very first father's day. I want to get him something really special. If you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

We'll be back next week to let you know how we've done!

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  1. Great goal list, Oooh sorting brought baby clothes, my son is 3 1/2 and I still haven't done that :) well done and good luck, can't wait to see how you did next week x

  2. Brilliant goals, I can't wait to see how you got on! The "sorting baby clothes" was on my to do list until S was about 2, I couldn't bring myself to actually get rid of them!