Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chocolate for Monkey

When I first found out about Monkey's allergies I was really upset. I felt like I'd been poisoning her and had no idea how to keep her safe. I had no idea how serious it was but having a room to ourselves at hospital for a week made me think it wasn't something to be messed with.

After we came home from hospital I did lots of reading up. At this point we were only avoiding dairy and soya. It meant a big change in my diet but as long as we both avoided the foods, Monkey should be safe.

As things settled down and Monkey became less poorly my feelings changed from panic to sadness. Obviously I'd do whatever I could to keep her safe but I began to be upset about all the things she'd never taste - yoghurt, ice-cream, CHOCOLATE!!!

I was never going to be a mum who fed my baby loads of chocolate but thinking that she would never have any really upset me. It really started to bother me as we got closer to Easter. By this time Monkey was well into weaning and loving her food. I didn't want her to sit and eat a full easter egg but I wanted to get her a treat.

I was really excited to discover lots of dairy free easter eggs in my local supermarket. The excitement didn't last long though, they were all made from soya which is another of Monkey's allergies. I was back to feeling sad.

And then I discovered Moo free!

Moo free make award winning chocolate that is dairy free, soya free and wheat free making it ideal for Monkey. Even better, they make easter eggs so she was able to have one for her first Easter after all.

Once we'd discovered Moo Free we found that they had a good range of chocs for Monkey to try. And she loved them all! Something I moan about quite often is the price of free from foods. Whilst Moo Free is not as ridiculously priced as some, it's still not cheap. A 100g bar is usually priced at £2.50 and the mini moos (24g bars) are around £1 each. I was really chuffed to find some great offers on Amazon today though.

It's a real bargain so we've stocked up!

As well as making yummy chocolate the people at Moo Free are lovely and help to support people with allergies. They sent us this fab raffle prize for our Free from feast.

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  1. I was about to feel sad too when I read that Monkey is allergic to chocolates. good thing you found a great alternative! now she can enjoy chocolates!
    Sending love from #Weekendbloghop!