Sunday, 8 January 2017

Look in my Letterbox number 1 2017

I've been really looking forward to doing this post as Look in my Letterbox was always one of my favourite linkies. Sadly I don't think it exists anymore but I decided to do it anyway. Here's what has arrived at the Monkey House this week.

Mummy's Penpals
I've had four letters this week - one from the UK (Sheffield), one from Holland, one from the Czech Republic and one from Korea.

Monkey's Penpals
Monkey hasn't had any letters this week. She has this super cute bag that was a present from the Smiling Minion hung on her door ready for when she does though. She posted quite a few letters last week so hopefully she'll get something next week.

Monkey's letterbox

Charity Stuff
Two envelopes arrived from Uganda this week with a letter and christmas card from Regina, the little girl we sponsor through World Vision. The christmas card included a recipe for a traditional Ugandan dish called Rolex which looks yummy so I'm looking forward to trying that.

I also received a package of used stamps all the way from Australia. Our Allergy UK fundraising group use them to raise funds. It's a great way for people to get involved without it costing them anything and given the amount of penpals I have we manage to collect quite a few.

More details of our stamp project

After treating ourselves to a Dolce Gusto coffee machine and hundreds of pods for christmas we needed somewhere to store them. We got this stand from Amazon and it's loads neater.

All that lovely coffee

Other stuff
Monkey receives a toucanbox craft kit through the post every fortnight. We had lots of fun making a bird feeder from lolly sticks.

Look what I made!
What's dropped through your letterbox this week?