Sunday, 15 January 2017

Look in my letterbox number 2 2017

It's been a quiet week for post here at the Monkey House but I thought I should still check in and show you what's arrived.

Mummy's Penpals
Six letters arrived this week all from penpals in the UK.

Mummy's mail pile this week
Charity Stuff
My penpal Ellen included a package of stamps with her letter to help our Allergy UK Fundraising Group. We collect used stanps from any country and it's a great way to help out for free.

I've got quite a few bits ordered andcon their way to me but this is all that arrived this week...

... a waterproof sheet! Hardly the most exciting item but we do need it. Monkey did really well with toilet training and has been dry in the day for ages now but I've been putting off tackling nights. But even though I'm not ready, she is! She is dry most mornings and we've had nights where she has ripped her nappy off and it's all been fine. I need to just go for it. Wish me luck!

What's dropped through your postbox this week?


  1. Wow I struggle keeping up with the few penpals I have ! I didn't know you collected stamps I will start saving them for you x

  2. Managing panpals is really a tough job and needs lot of time and concentration. But it’s exciting to share information and stuff with pen friends. Good work.